Helpful Articles on Stress: Oldies, but Goodies!

Read Any Good Articles on Stress Lately?

Welcome to my ‘Articles on Stress’ archive. Below, are listed several stress management articles covering both emotional and oxidative stress.  As I locate new articles from outside sources, I move many of the old article links to this page.

And I try my best to locate articles from reputable sources. If you haven’t yet heard of Science Daily or Corporate Wellness Magazine, for example, this sampling of well-written articles will fill you in quick as a wink.

Some of the many additional sources I scan include USA Today, Globe and Mail, New York Times, National Post, Miami Herald, Washington Post, etc.

If you happen to come across an excellent source for articles on stress that I haven’t found yet, please don’t hesitate to drop me a line using the contact form on the menu bar.

As you review these excellent articles on stress, I hope you find the answers you’re looking for to solve all your wellness challenges so you can take back control of your health and your life today.

If you want to find some more articles about health, wellness and stress management written by me, Stress Coach Jill, you can find them here.

Science Daily Articles

Antioxidant Ingredient Proven To Relieve Stress

Background Music Can Impair Performance

Battlefield Psychologists Investigate Combat Stress

Early Life Stress May Predict Cardiovascular Disease

Elder Care Needs Puts Strain on Family Relationships

Essential Ingredients of Supportive Sibling Relationships

Excess Omega 6/Omega 3 Shortages=Obesity for Generations

Light/Moderate Physical Activity Prevents Early Death

Hard Tasks Done Under Stress Signal Hidden Neuron Circuits

Intoxicating Fragrance Jasmine as Valium Substitute

Sealife Research Sheds Light on Stress Hormone Evolution

Slowing Aging Takes More Than Antioxidants

The Healing Effects of Nature

Women in 50s More Prone to PTSD Than Men

Corporate Wellness Magazine Articles

Occupational Stress on Worker Health and Productivity

Become More Optimistic to Improve Health and Success

Cultural Stress a Modern Threat to Health

Smoking Cessation – Kicking Your Own Butt

Six Stages of Coping with Your Spouse’s Depression

Taking Stress Management Techniques Home with You

The Science behind the Benefits of Moderate Exercise

Miscellaneous Stress Articles

USA Today: Family Goes Happily ‘Retro’ to Shake Off the TV Habit

USA Today: Mom’s Voice Can Ease Stress Even If She’s Not There

EmaxHealth: Kids’ PTSD Symptoms Linked to Poor Hippocampus Function

PsychCentral: Results Vary with Different Meditation Techniques

New York Times: Saving Time and Stress With Cooking Co-ops

Globe & Mail: Scientists Taking Vitamin D in Droves

APA: Who Is Likely to Become a Bully, Victim or Both?

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