Time to Get Smart and Deal with Stress!

Wouldn’t you agree that it’s time to deal with stress in your life once and for all? Stress management is not done in small pieces and stress relief is not found through occasional effort. If you want to get off the chronic disease track, you must work to eliminate all the stressors that life throws at you. It takes critical thinking, problem solving, lots of knowledge and consistent effort.

CAUTION! – I don’t want to promise you miracles, like so many other health and wellness products and companies, because taking back control of your health and your life takes a lot of hard work and smart work.

It takes years for the average family to create a health and wellness nightmare and getting out of the mess simply doesn’t happen overnight, but after 1-3 years, if you tackle one issue at a time, piece by piece, you and your whole family will be much healthier and happier than you ever thought possible. It worked for my family and it will work for yours too.

Let’s get started…

Learn To Deal With Stress At The Intersection

Dr. Norm Shealy, a neurosurgeon and pain and depression specialist says, “The intersection of the 4 main fields of stress – physical, chemical, electro-magnetic and emotional – is the cause of all illness, not some…ALL!

You may think that it’s no big deal to expose yourself to a stressor here and a stressor there, but it is not one stressor or another that is causing all the problems with your health, it is the intersection of all the different types of stress that collectively lead to all the health challenges. It’s time to deal with stress in a much different way.

Physical Stress: Do you leave pain conditions unattended? Unmanaged pain is free radical city. Don’t leave pain conditions unattended, as they cause extreme oxidative stress, leading to chronic disease.

Chemical Stress: Do you eat foods with artificial coloring and flavoring? These dyes are excitotoxins, which excite your brain cells to death. Avoid foods with artificial dyes and flavors. And what about all the chemicals you have in your household such as air fresheners, cooking sprays and hair products? How about hydrogenated fats and preservatives in your food?

Electro-Magnetic Stress: Do you leave electronics on in your home all the time? The positive ions given off by these devices cause bad stress and suppress your immune function. Turn them off as much as possible. Better yet, add a water fountain and one or more salt lamps to produce some negative ions to neutralize all the positive ions.

Emotional Stress: Do you try to hide problems behind a cheerful face? This never works for very long. People who do this end up using drugs, alcohol, & overeating. Never hide problems. Always speak YOUR truth! Learn how to release repressed emotion using tools like EFT (Emotional Freedom Techniques).

ifestyle, Exercise, Attitude, & Nutrition
More Ways to Deal with Stress!

Pediatrician, Dr. Bill Sears says,“Break the stereotypes. You can be healthy without spending too much of your time or money. Know the facts!”

Lifestyle Choices: Stay out of the sun! Wear sunglasses, wear a hat, and wear sunscreen! You need the Vitamin D that the sun helps your body to make, but you don’t need to get baked to make this happen.

Exercise Choices: Pilates is an excellent choice if you’re not friends with exercise. You can start slow and only do the exercises that aren’t too hard. That way your body gets used to exercise slowly, but surely. Plus you won’t become a victim of over-exercising. When you choose to deal with stress, it’s important not to let the pendulum accidentally swing too far in the opposite direction.

Attitude Choices: Choose to let go of your control needs, whatever they may be. A little humility goes a long way in managing stress. Pride and ego cause stress, let them go and choose a peaceful existence. Practicing the law of attraction is an excellent way to deal with all that stresses you.

Nutrition Choices: Get rid of white bread, brown bread and whole wheat bread. All of these convert to sugar in your body faster than eating table sugar. I say brown and whole wheat because oftentimes, this is just white bread with a few bits of grain added back in to give the bread a bit of color. If you are a die-hard bread eater, eat sprouted, organic, whole grain bread only! Making better nutrition choices is a great way to deal effectively with stress from chemical sources, also known as chemical stress. Remember, salt, sugar and fat are all chemicals as far as the body is concerned. Of course, bread is just one problem area, but getting rid of white bread is a great place to start.

Want to understand stress management better?  Want to gain stress relief as soon as possible? Remember, with a little knowledge and effort, you can deal with stress and eliminate all the sources of stress in your life today.