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Welcome & thanks for visiting my stress site! On this page, you can find out all about me and my mission at my company, Panacea Research. My primary aim in life is to be a resource for education and empowerment, helping people around the world to take back control of their health and their life. I try my best to teach people how to “Solve all their Wellness Challenges.”

To get this important job done, I want to start by sharing everything I know about stress… all types of stress. I want to show you how stress is slowly destroying your life and the lives of the people you care about. I also want to help you understand you are not helpless in solving or at least, addressing this serious problem.

The 3 R’s of Stress Relief

However, I don’t just want to teach you how to manage stress or cope with stress. Rather, I want to show you three very specific concepts about stress and stress management. First, I want to demonstrate how to REDUCE all kinds and types of stress significantly. Next, I want to educate and empower you to RESPOND efficiently and effectively to all the stressors you can’t reduce or fully eliminate. There are excellent ways to reduce the effects of stress. Finally, I want to help you powerfully REPAIR the damage from the stressors that affected or harmed you in the past. I want all of this because we all deserve to live a stress-free and illness-free, productive and happy life.

What If There is a Universal Cure All for Stress-Caused Illness?

As I mentioned, my company is called Panacea Research and I chose that name because I love the romanticism of Greek Mythology. According to the myth, Panacea (pan-a-see-a) was the goddess of healing back in the days of Ancient Greece at the time of all the gods and goddesses of Mount Olympus.

The story goes that the goddess, Panacea, carried with her a potion or magic elixir that could heal all illness and over time, the word “Panacea” in our English language, has come to mean a “universal remedy” or a “cure all.”

Now, I don’t believe in all those old myths at all – as I said, I just tend to love folklore, but the idea of finding a universal remedy or “cure all” is very appealing to me. What if there is such a thing?

Of course, that cure or remedy is not going to come as a pill, potion, magic elixir or anything like that, but what if such a remedy already exists and what if that remedy is completely free and available to us all the time?

No… I am not talking about the “Fountain of Youth, but, so far, my comprehensive research leans heavily towards stress as the root of all illness and so it only makes sense that fully understanding stress, in all its many forms may actually be this “panacea” or “cure all” or “universal remedy.”

What I am saying is that perhaps education and empowerment about stress are the key.

For this reason, my company, Panacea Research, is fully dedicated to exploring stress in microscopic detail with the aim of finding a universal remedy to all the illnesses – physical illnesses and mental illnesses — that are brought on by the various forms of stress.

Giving Ourselves Permission

To conquer stress, in all its forms, you must give yourself permission to take better care of YOU and stop letting the world push you around.  You must take back control of your health and your life. You must find out how stress is destroying your life and what to do about it and then you must take action. Dr. Norm Shealy, world-renowned stress management and pain management expert, said,

“The intersection of the four main fields of stress: physical stress, electro-magnetic stress, chemical stress, and emotional stress – is the cause of all illness… not some — ALL!

Demanding A Higher Standard

But, you must also demand a higher standard from yourself and hold yourself accountable. There is a sense of entitlement that is out of control in society today and it must change if people want to reclaim health and wellness.

There was a  famous American television show in the 1980’s called “Fame.” The setting for the show was the High School for the Performing Arts in New York City.  This show was well-known for a philosophical line, said by a dance teacher, Ms. Grant, played by actress, Debbie Allen, to a class of her dance students, during the opening credits of every episode. Ms. Grant said, “You’ve got big dreams? You want fame? Well, fame costs. And right here is where you start paying … in sweat.”

This line could be the motto for Panacea Research and for this site, StressReliefMeasures.come. If you want to take back control of your health and your life –  if you want to get oxidative stress and emotional stress under control, it is going to take a little sweat. It has probably taken years for you to get into the health mess you are likely in and it will take more than a little effort to get back on the right track. Fortunately, the rewards are great.

Stress Coach ~ Health Coach ~ Business Coach ~ Life Coach ~ Financial Coach

My wellness coaching services are based on the research and teachings of some of the most prominent medical professionals you can find today! This information has the power to help you conquer oxidative stress so you can take back control of your health. My problem solving model is based on an internationally-accepted business problem solving model and we have adapted it, so that you can use it to solve problems in every area of your personal life. This model has the power to help you conquer emotional stress and take back control of your life.

My Philosophy

Our philosophy is simple.  There is no quality of life without good health and there is no point in being healthy if you have a poor quality of life.

Panacea Research can help you achieve both – good health and quality of life. We believe that anyone and everyone can conquer both with the right knowledge, tools and support.

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