A Cardiac Stress Test, also known as an ECG Treadmill Test evaluates your blood flow during exercise and then compares it to your blood flow when you are resting.

In a lab environment, the patient is hooked up to the testing machines via several wires and then walks on a treadmill or other exercise machine for a while.   and then you are tested to see the strength of your heart muscle.

This test, usually reserved for the elderly, should probably be available to younger people as well since stress is out of control for people of all ages – even kids.  The reality is that many younger people experience many stress symptoms all the time that could lead to heart problems sooner rather than later. 

The connection between stress and heart disease seems like a no brainer and you must work hard to can get stress under control or you will most likely cause damage to your heart.  Stress management and stress relief are the key.

This heart test is recommended by the American Heart Association for people with medium risk of heart problems.  This includes smokers and people with a family history of heart problems, diabetes, hypertension and high cholesterol.

But, Don’t Wait Until You Actually Need A Cardiac Stress Test

Get Your Body Producing Plenty of Nitric Oxide All On Its Own

Just to be on the safe side, it would be a good idea to solve some of your stress issues long before you have need of a cardiac stress test.

Exercise is a great idea when it comes to solving stress and illness. One thing that many people don’t know is that the body naturally produces Nitric Oxide, a molecule that helps your cells to communicate with each other. Exercise causes you to produce even more Nitric Oxide.

So why is nitric oxide such a big deal? Well, when you have heart disease, you have a lot of plaque built up inside your arteries and this plaque stops your internal pharmacy from working properly. Maybe you didn’t know that your body contains its own internal pharmacy.

The amazing thing is that your internal pharmacy is made up of many tiny little medicine bottles that line the insides of your arteries and it’s Nitric Oxide that opens up those medicine bottles to let the medicine come out.

A cardiac stress test can help diagnose a lot of different conditions related to the heart, but it won’t hold a candle to the good you can do from exercising regularly so your body can produce as much Nitric Oxide as possible.

The other thing exercise does is to increase the flow of blood in your body and create friction inside the arteries. This is good for scraping the plaque out of your arteries so you can get those medicine bottles opened up.

So, you can do nothing and create the conditions in your body that can be diagnosed by a stress test or you can get out there and exercise several times each week so your body can get the benefits of its own natural healing systems.